Homework due 5/31

My Photo Essay – Helping Others

         By: Abby Schroeder

This photo essay created by Abby Schroeder follows many parts of Vogler’s story structure through small statements along with moving images, demonstrating the importance of feeding and sheltering the homeless.

Act 1-

Schroeder sets it up for us, the watchers, to be the heroes by giving simple statistics that we as a society have some knowledge of but push it off to the side. She then gives us a call-to-action to put as much effort as we can into making our communities a better place to live for those who might not find life to be worth living. The mentor helping us, the heroes, is Abby. She shows a great way to get involved with helping the homeless by participating in the foundation “Feed’em Soup.”

Act 2-

The Initiation, or Middle, of stories describes all the challenges that must be done and discovering whom your allies and enemies are. In Schroeder’s photo essay, she shows images of volunteers serving the homeless, the tasks. These images also express our allies, the community members around us willing to donate their time and money, and our only enemy is letting slothfulness overtake our motivation.

Act 3-

About 2/3 of the way through the photo essay the music stops for a moment and transitions into a slow, melancholy tone as new words appear, sharing that a main helper, Lexi Weber, with “Feed’em Soup died in a car accident with her boyfriend. This is the climax in the “story” along with being a purification for us as watchers to stop for a moment and realized our lives could end at any moment so we need to spend the time we have in a positive, beneficial manner.

The transformation we the heroes have is tied to the purification in the end. Our transformation was gaining knowledge about homelessness and one of the best ways to help fight the problem. We also gained a better understanding of how precious life is.



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