Homework Due 5/31

Assassins Creed

The video game Assassins Creed is like a “story” because its plot follows merely every rule Christopher Vogler expressed to be important when creating a story.

Act 1-

The main character you play is Desmond. At the beginning Desmond is a bartender. This follows Vogler’s assignment, making the main character humanized so we can relate to the unreal protagonist. Desmond soon gets his call to action when he is kidnapped by a corporation run by Templars in present day. Desmond is forced to use a machine to travel back in time through memories imprinted in his genetic code and relive important moments in his ancestors life to gain an ancient artifact that contains the power to control people.

Act 2-

The game continues to follow Vogler’s guidelines by giving Desmond many other challenges in his way of achieving his ultimate goal, to recover the ancient artifact. After surpassing all obstacles he finally reaches the moment where he must fight Altiar to gain the artifact. Once Desmond defeats Altiar, he discovers Altiar never knew where it was in the first place, leaving Desmond empty handed.

Act 3-

When Desmond takes the road back home, as Vogler calls it, he uncovers that he is not the first person to be forced to relive his memories and through time traveling he learned to use some of the assassin powers. This leads to the climax of the story. At the end of the game the assassins attack the Templar fortres. During the attack Desmond is left in his cell where he is able to read all about the strange markings on the wall that depict a coming apocalypse.

The transformation the main character, Desmond, goes through is discovering his deep, family heritage of leaders and warriors, making him realize he has more to offer with his life rather than just breezing through life with a dead-end job.



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