Assignment 8 Due 6/17

Sequential: Digital Graphic Novels & Comics


Sequential was created to be a digital graphic novel and comics app for the iPad.

Features highlighted on it’s website are the “intelligent, entertaining, life-enhancing storytelling and to provide the best browse, buy and read experience for digital comics and graphic novels on the planet.” New books are added every week with high quality images.

Creators include Alan Moore, Jamie Hernandez, Brian Bolland, Eddie Campbell, Gilbert Shelton, Neil Gaiman, Bryan Talbot, David Lloyd, Dash Shaw, Hunt Emerson, and the cream of the small press.

The creators strongly point out that they “don’t do superheroes.” They believe, over the years, there have been misconceptions that you can’t have a comic without a superhero nor graphic novel. They also believe the dominance of superheroes has ruined the art of true comics. “We want to do our bit to end the conflation of the terms “comics” and “graphic novels” with superheroes.”

You can download a PDF overview of the special features of the iPad app here.



Sequential offers graphic novels with more serious themes and fewer science fiction superheroes. Although it’s still building its inventory, Sequential intends to be a “one-stop shopping app” for the more “scholarly” works by comic creators.

Sequential has two reading options: panel mode and sequential mode. In panel mode you can double-tap on the screen to an individual panel on the page and then you swipe to view the next panel to resemble how you would read an actual comic book. The other option of viewing each story, the sequential mode, has the reader tap to advance instead of swiping the screen. A tap causes a Hollywood-style fade‑out/fade‑in transition between images. This is a popular option because some fans believe it allows the characters to physically move in and out of the story. The app also has audio commentary, chapter browsing, and author recommendation. Some releases will offer DVD-like extra features as well as extra sketches and covers. The creators also emphasize a lack of loading screen pauses.


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